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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#465 More fine-grained read/write control of formfills new enhancement Low 1.4
#664 Torbutton should not present custom certs if tor is enabled assigned tbb-team enhancement High
#940 Multiple Identity Support assigned tbb-team enhancement Medium
#952 Torbutton does not block access to non-default Tor-related ports new defect Medium
#975 Torbutton prevents PKCS#12 import/export assigned tbb-team defect High
#1392 Torbutton Addon interferes with toolbar buttons for add-ons (including its own) new defect High Torbutton: 1.2.5
#1620 Cross-site HTTPS links cause errors when TorButton is used with NoScript. new defect High
#1622 Torbutton should jar DOM Storage data new enhancement High
#1623 Block protocol handler enumeration new tbb-team enhancement High TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable
#1664 [w/ PATCH] Disabling loading of images durings Tor (for performance) (Torbutton) new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#1677 The extensions section of the TorButton FAQ is out of date. new mikeperry defect Very Low
#1696 Torbutton disables scrollbar new mikeperry defect Medium
#1821 Better error message when proxy is down new defect High
#1886 Warn when conflicting extensions are detected new mikeperry defect Medium
#2099 TorButton breaks S3Fox uploads new defect High
#2224 Provide some kind of UI indication for disabled tabs assigned koryk enhancement High
#2227 Investigate new tab APIs new enhancement High
#2237 "block history writes" gets ignored new mikeperry defect Medium
#2340 GPG signatures do not authenticate filenames assigned tbb-team defect Very High
#2482 TLS issues with Torbutton assigned tbb-team defect Very High
#2524 Tor button green when should have been red? new mikeperry defect Medium Torbutton: 1.2.5
#2544 Report potential addon conflicts in a standard, observable way new mikeperry enhancement Medium Torbutton: 1.2.5
#2619 and a few others ... new mikeperry defect Medium
#2640 Make tor:// urls safe (and enable them by default) new enhancement High
#2641 Aggregate and archive torbutton tests new mikeperry task Medium
#2739 Clear Memory-Only Intermeditate Cert Store new tbb-team defect Medium
#2817 Isolate Access to History navigation to Tor state preference does not work new defect Very High
#2847 Bring back livemarks wrapped component new defect Very High
#2877 Prevent TLS state from accumulating in Tor Browser new tbb-team defect Medium
#2886 TOR interferes with bookmarks (FF, v3.6.16) new mikeperry task Medium
#2908 Unable to move Torbutton button in FF4+ new mikeperry defect Low Torbutton: 1.4
#2909 torbutton failes to correctly detect tor if tor is not on localhost new mikeperry defect Low Torbutton: 1.3
#2926 Update Tor Browser Bundle documentation new tbb-team task Low
#2940 Adapt browser time based on tor's notion of clock skew... new tbb-team enhancement High
#2946 Exiting private browsing mode in Firefox 4 reloads pages loaded with tor, even if tor is disabled new mikeperry defect Medium
#3006 TorButton 1.3.* alpha "Cookie Protections" option grayed out new mikeperry defect Medium
#3013 TorButton (1.2.5 & 1.3.2 alpha) hotkey toggle not working; Windows XP new mikeperry defect Very Low
#3162 The proxy server is refusing connections new mikeperry defect Low
#3286 Firefox-TorButton error new mikeperry defect Medium
#3329 Pages freeze after trurning torbutton off new mikeperry defect Medium
#3476 debian package: HashedControlPassword auth fails when CookieAuthentication is enabled assigned arma defect Medium
#3509 Torbutton won't display as a text box in the add-on bar. new tbb-team defect Medium
#3527 popup displayed for each tab affected by noscript's rule change new mikeperry defect Medium
#3544 Add to menu option for TBB new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#3546 Disabling Third party cookies breaks some REcaptcha-using sites assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#3555 Pin *'s certs in TBB reopened tbb-team enhancement Medium
#3600 Prevent redirects from transmitting+storing cookies+identifiers new tbb-team defect High
#3605 'Click then open new tab' action is not so well-explained. new mikeperry defect Medium Torbutton: 1.4
#3616 Torbutton does nothing when clicked new mikeperry defect Medium
#3637 Disable Navigation Toolbar, Torbutton menu failed. new mikeperry defect Medium Torbutton: 1.4
#3677 Inactive TB cause dead hang on new defect High
#3685 Restore status panel visibility with FF4+ needs_review mikeperry enhancement Medium
#3727 bug report while starting firefox new mikeperry defect Medium
#3863 Do something smarter with Windows Tor crash dumps new tbb-team task Medium
#3929 Remove CNNIC new tbb-team defect Medium TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable
#3974 Disable flash's "allow cookies" pref somehow new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#3994 Get TorBrowser in Debian new task Medium
#4028 torbutton new mikeperry defect Medium
#4029 torbutton can not enable (green) new mikeperry defect Medium
#4070 torbutton 143 breaks ff 602 new mikeperry defect Medium
#4076 Investigate speed improvements in 64-bit builds new erinn task Medium
#4132 Email Cookie Monster author about better 3rd party support new mikeperry task Medium
#4152 Implement Bottom Up Randomization (Windows platform) assigned tbb-team enhancement Medium
#4202 Torbutton should auto-block *.onion requests in non-Tor state new mikeperry defect Medium
#4204 Set to 0, to prevent Home Page to be opened needs_review mikeperry enhancement Medium
#4276 Torbutton should be usable without Tor (or any proxy settings) new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#4280 build changes for TBB assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#4288 Torbutton SOCKS Host alway defaults to after restart new mikeperry defect Medium Torbutton: 1.4
#4335 Per-urlbar domain plugin control new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#4420 seamonkey 2.4.1 compatibility new mikeperry defect Medium
#4446 Twitter timelines sometimes fail to load new mikeperry defect Medium
#4453 Torbutton always reset SOCKS port to 9050 new defect Medium
#4522 Add privilege separation for bundled browser assigned tbb-team enhancement High
#4767 torbutton disables the possibility to drag and save shortcut links new defect High
#4794 NoScript Is Not Being Used Properly By The Tor Project reopened mikeperry defect Medium
#4819 Torbutton requires $TOR_CONTROL_PASSWD to be in double quotes. new mikeperry defect Medium
#4828 Torbutton + Firefox 9.0.1: Can't drag and drop bookmarks new mikeperry defect Medium
#4975 Torbutton should detect its old default Tor proxy settings as Tor-enabled mode new mikeperry defect Low
#5013 Torbutton does not remember window size new enhancement Medium Torbutton: 1.4
#5073 torbutton breaks leechblock extension new mikeperry defect Low
#5182 Spanish TBB-Firefox includes ‘Wikipedia (en)’ search engine, but not ‘Wikipedia (es)’ new tbb-team defect Low
#5203 Setting Tor Browser as default browser does not work in Wndows 7 new tbb-team defect Medium
#5213 enable tor-fw-helper needs_review erinn task Medium
#5278 torbutton blocks image titles even when tor mode is off. new mikeperry defect High
#5288 Clickjacking + popups subvert TBB url-bar isolation new tbb-team defect Medium
#5294 Make human summary of TBB design doc new task High
#5413 TorButton causes stuttering in Firefox 11 new mikeperry defect Low
#5467 Change TBB main toolbar menu button color, text & icon new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#5531 Local config file for Flash Player new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#5545 Destroy DNT assigned cypherpunks project Medium
#5556 magnet uri support reopened mikeperry enhancement Medium
#5611 Enhance "Transparent Torification (Requires custom transproxy or Tor router)" in Tor Button. assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#5618 Set up buildbots to create nightly builds for all our packages new erinn project Medium
#5666 Hook MediaElement for Full Screen Mode new tbb-team defect High
#5671 Drag & Drop don't work after FF12 update (Torbutton) reopened mikeperry task Medium
#5709 Tor Browser Bundle build for Android assigned tbb-team project High
#5734 Add CACert Root certificate assigned mikeperry enhancement Medium
#5738 Firefox slow at closing tabs new tbb-team defect Medium
#5782 Long links mess up some confirmation dialogs new tbb-team defect Low
#5791 Gather apparmor/selinux/seatbelt profiles for each component of TBB assigned erinn project Medium
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