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Ticket Summary Component Status Type Priority Milestone
#11728 Torbirdy shouldn't allow clearnet connections on startup if started in Transparent Torification mode Applications/TorBirdy needs_review defect High
#6359 make use of stream isolation Applications/TorBirdy assigned defect Medium
#10684 Torbirdy does not remember customized settings after enabling it again Applications/TorBirdy assigned defect Medium
#10762 TorBridy should try both SOCKS port 9050 and 9150 Applications/TorBirdy needs_review defect Medium
#10836 Enable mail account autoconfig dialog in TorBirdy Applications/TorBirdy new enhancement Medium
#13607 TorBirdy should have an option to distrust all certificate authorities Applications/TorBirdy new enhancement Medium
#17427 Allow preseeding Enigmail options Applications/TorBirdy new defect Medium
#17533 do not use keyserver-options in Whonix Applications/TorBirdy new enhancement Medium
#18061 Can not check I2P mail with Torbirdy activated (sending I2P mail works fine) Applications/TorBirdy new defect Medium
#19031 Audit Thunderbird's RSS support Applications/TorBirdy new task Medium
#20978 shortkey "n" doesn't work any longer in Thunderbird Applications/TorBirdy new defect Medium
#21433 TorBirdy: Respect user preferences for header_type and message body type Applications/TorBirdy new enhancement Medium
#22639 process to bring changes from tbb to torbridy Applications/TorBirdy new defect Medium
#23143 latest TorBirdy release 0.2.3 breaks split-gpg in Qubes OS Applications/TorBirdy new defect Medium
#22524 clear download history Applications/TorBirdy new enhancement Very Low
#22828 UX: RSS Feed "Edit as new Message" has still Html bar Applications/TorBirdy new enhancement Very Low
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