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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#6612 sort according to table header in Compass new gsathya enhancement Medium
#6662 group by family assigned enhancement Medium
#6675 group by contact needs_review enhancement Medium
#6696 add Byte/s to Advertised Bandwidth column needs_review gsathya enhancement Medium
#6713 README is out of date assigned gsathya defect Medium
#6728 explain why a relay is an 'almost-fast-exit' and not a 'fast-exit' new enhancement Medium
#6946 Compass should allow filtering relays by OS new enhancement Medium
#6947 Compass should allow filtering relays by version ranges new enhancement Medium
#7640 Remove Compass' navigation bar new gsathya enhancement Medium
#7744 compass: trim out the fat new gsathya defect Medium
#8054 remove cli code from compass? new gsathya task Medium
#8328 compass lists first 10 but says it defaults to all needs_review gsathya defect Medium
#8461 Compass UI Tweaks new gsathya enhancement Medium
#8498 Don't load all the data at once new gsathya enhancement Medium
#8505 ExitCompass: statistics about Fast Exits new gsathya enhancement Medium
#8857 Unknown/null AS not searchable new gsathya enhancement Medium
#9350 Sorting by number of relays in Compass is alphabetically, not alphanumerically new gsathya defect Medium
#9929 compass doesn't display more than 10 relays in a given AS new gsathya defect Medium
#10001 Unable to bookmark / reload a resultpage new gsathya defect Medium
#10306 Show relays by nickname substring needs_review enhancement Medium
#10859 compass url not reusable if you don't specify number of results new gsathya defect Medium
#11434 select only non-exit relays, related items new gsathya enhancement Medium
#17738 Compass doesn't aggreagte advertised bandwidth by country new gsathya defect Medium
#6450 Compass' command-line script can't encode unicode characters new gsathya defect Low
#6619 make AS no clickable when grouping by AS new gsathya enhancement Low
#6701 .onion domains for onionoo.tpo, atlas.tpo & compass.tpo new enhancement Low
#6703 replace exit & guard flag checkboxes with radio buttons (off, yes, no) new enhancement Low
#6730 A way to see changes in datasets over time new enhancement Low
#6855 group by tor version (exact and match on first three numbers) needs_review enhancement Low
#7568 Investigate use of datatables in compass new gsathya task Low
#7879 Improve compass performance new gsathya defect Low
#6648 update compass css to bootstrap 2.1 new gsathya enhancement Very Low
#9993 Explain better what "Fast exits relays any network" means in Compass new gsathya enhancement Very Low
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