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#30446 worksforme google recaptcha doesnt work on any website or page using latest tor browser tbb-team kingfitz

this is a very old and annoying issue, google recaptcha (v2) never works. I do the recaptcha correctly every time, and on clicking verify it just resets the recaptcha into an endless loop of aggravating infinity. i cant log into certain sites or even use someones contact page due to recaptcha loop. pick any website with a recaptcha, in my case trying to log into discord. recaptcha doesnt validate, ever...I wonder if it will be fixed sometime this decade? ive seen this problem for years.

Tor browser version: 8.0.9 (based on Mozilla Firefox 60.6.1esr) (64-bit) windows 10 x64. doesnt work on macOS version either.

#30443 not a bug NoScript still not working right, not sure if https everywhere is working right either, addons? tbb-team justmeee

Did not have these problems before the recent certificate issue, so I believe the fix is not working right. Pasting a copy of the info so far:

Got the update.

This fix is not working correctly. Torbrowser 8.5a12

Pages are being displayed as if NoScript was turned off, so I'm seeing images that NoScript blocked before, they just have a ghost image of noscript on top of the image it's supposed to be blocking.

For a comparison, I went to config and turned off the xpinstall that someone earlier recommended, yes i read the warnings, and reloaded the page, then it displayed as if NoScript was working correctly and I saw ONLY the NoScript image, NOT what it was supposed to be blocking.

So it's not working right. Changed 3 hours ago by justmeee Attachment: yahoo screen i should NOT be getting.png​ added

Yahoo screen I should NOT be getting, but I get this with 8.5a12 with config set to true. I did NOT get this before these NoScript problems. Changed 3 hours ago by justmeee Attachment: yahoo login page should go straight here.png​ added

Yahoo page I SHOULD be getting when going to This is where I went directly before the NoScript problems, and where I go directly when config is set to false, but NOT when set to true, so this is one example of fix being buggy. comment:59 Changed 3 hours ago by justmeee

Here's another example:

When I go to, when NoScript was working correctly, I would go straight to the login page. When NoScript is NOT working correctly, I get the extra page where you have to click on the link to login.

Again, the config change corrected this, so the fix does not seem to be working right.

Images attached that show screenshots of where I went Before the NoScript problems started and when config is set to false, and the different screen I get when config is set to true with updated 8.5a12. This is just one example, but I'm seeing other examples across several sites.

I hope the images attached? comment:60 Changed 2 hours ago by gk

Do you have a master password set? What is the status of NoScript on about:addons? Does it work for you if you start with a fresh 8.5a12? comment:61 Changed 81 minutes ago by justmeee

No master password.

So I restarted it. It was working ok with config set to true, but I didn't make any changes since having the problems from before. So I restarted and opened those same pages several times just to see. It seems to happen sometimes. So sometimes when it starts, I will get the ghost image background (of the image that should NOT be there) with the NoScript on top of it, and mail goes to the wrong page as if NoScript was not working right. 1 out of the last 6 start ups produced this result.

In all instances, config was set to true, and addons showed it was enabled. The icons are in the toolbar and show it working. So I'm also concerned if https anywhere is working right too.

Installed a fresh copy, no change, had the same poor result on the third time opening it. comment:62 Changed 75 minutes ago by gk Resolution: → fixed Status: reopened → closed

Sounds like a different bug. Could you open a ticket? Does this happen with a fresh 8.0.9 as well? What operating system are you on?

I'm using Win 7 64bit. I loaded the 8.0.9 and it gave me the same fail on the first try, the items that were blocked before are still showing up even though everything says NoScript is working, and I have a ghost image over it from NoScript. So what happened before all this started was I would ONLY have the NoScript image, NOT the blocked item. Now I see the item that's supposed to be blocked, plus a transparent partial NS image on top of it. And yahoo is not taking me directly to the login, it gives me the extra screen so scripts are running in spite of everything saying NoScript should be working.

Did not have these problems before the certificate problem.

Same thing, the problem goes away if I set that config mentioned in the other ticket to false, then NoScript starts working correctly but as others have said, that's not the right way to fix this.

Reattaching the yahoo screenshots here too.

#30439 invalid Testing import to gitlab hiro hiro

Test ticket feel free to close right away.

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