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#31008 fixed Typographical error on tor man pages help command clash

man tor gives the following output as the first command:

-h, -help
Display a short help message and exit.

Except it's --help and not -help.

-help doesn't work, I found it weird so I tested it just in case and it doesn't.

New users may get confused if they don't know the -h/--help convention.

#31007 fixed Please remove bug_28119_v6 from tor-browser-build tor-gitadm gk

I erroneously pushed bug_28119_v6 to the tor-browser-build repo directly instead of my user repo. Please remove that branch again. Thanks.

#30998 fixed Use HTTP/1.1 in websocket server for compatibility with Firefox and Safari alolra cohosh

Noticed this while testing out some new webextension changes on Firefox.

I get the following errors:

Snowflake: WebRTC DataChannel opened! snowflake.js:1154:13
Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss:// snowflake.js:1090:11
Snowflake: websocket-relay error. snowflake.js:1154:13
Snowflake: websocket-relay closed.

This are reproducible with a clean master branch.

I'm also getting several bootstraps to 10% during my client tests that aren't going through my proxy so I'm guessing others are having the same problem.

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