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#30522 implemented Update to May GeoIP2 database karsten

My geoip-2019-05-13 branch contains the updated geoip and geoip6 files with IPv4 and IPv6 ranges and is supposed to be merged into maint-0.2.9 and other branches that are still maintained.

#30521 implemented add gaba and pili to speaking@ tpa arma

We need some fresh blood on the speaking@ alias, which is our internal alias to coordinate speaking requests (see #23162).

I'm going to add Gaba and Pili, on the theory that they know external people, they know internal people, they know capacities. And they are more organized than the average Tor person. :)

#30517 fixed Please create tor-android-service user repo for gk tor-gitadm gk

Please create a user/gk/tor-android-service repository. Read access for everyone, push access for gk.

Description: "Georg's tor-android-service repo"

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