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#31231 fixed Snowflake addon fails connecting to bridge cohosh

After the datachannel is opened, the websocket connection to the snowflake bridge fails:

Snowflake: Broker: Successfully replied with answer. snowflake.js:1226:13
Snowflake: Data Channel established... snowflake.js:1226:13
Snowflake: WebRTC DataChannel opened! snowflake.js:1226:13
Snowflake: Connecting to relay... snowflake.js:1226:13
Snowflake: WebRTC --> websocket data: 171 bytes snowflake.js:1226:13
Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://
Snowflake: websocket-relay error. snowflake.js:1226:13
Snowflake: websocket-relay closed.

I know the bridge is up because connections through proxy-go instances appear to be working fine.

#31230 fixed Firefox addon blocked from agent by Google Safe Browsing service cypherpunks

I opened the browser console for other work, and saw that the Snowflake addon was looping with the errors "The resource at “” was blocked by Safe Browsing." and "Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at (Reason: CORS request did not succeed)."

I worked around the problem by going to that URL in a new tab and clicking the "do it anyway" option when the warning appeared, and now the addon is looping normally with the "at client capacity" message. But bypassing/disabling Safe Browsing is obviously a non-starter for general users, so someone needs to determine why the agent URL was blacklisted by Google and get it cleared, or the Firefox addon will be effectively dead.

Addon version 0.0.5.

Screenshot of in Firefox 68.0.1 on 2019-07-24.

#31229 not a bug 3-hop tor circuit and malicious middle relays JessieTessie

Tor traffic can be correlated if someones know both the guard and exit. The middle relay seems to know both the guard and exit. To make Tor secure again, we will need an extra pair of relays to make sure that no-one knows both the guard and exit except the user.

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