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#30404 fixed Remove Orbot Project tbb-team sisbell

Orbot project is no longer needed. The UI has moved to firefox project, while the service has moved to tor-android-service.

#30403 duplicate Add bug reporting to Help Menu tbb-team Crissy2

Please add new position to Help menu: "File a bug", which simplify reporting of bugs.

The new position should open tab: http://ea5faa5po25cf7fb.onion/projects/tor/newticket

Additionally this subpage (if not logged) should contain short info about reporting bugs and links to:

  • login
  • create account

After creating the account it should redirect to login site and then to http://ea5faa5po25cf7fb.onion/projects/tor/newticket (no redirect here now).

Most people probably do not know how to report a bug. The domain "ea5faa5po25cf7fb" is also difficult to remember so this important site should be available from the menu.

#30401 duplicate Tor Browser for Android Control port file not created tbb-team echaskaris

Tor Browser for Android fails to connect. I'm on KitKat 4.4.4.


  • Set background service to FOREGROUND
  • updating settings in Tor service
  • updating torrc custom configuration...
  • success.
  • checking binary version:
  • Orbot is starting…
  • Tor control port file not created
  • Unable to start Tor: Control port file not created: /data/data/org.torproject.torbrowser_alpha/app_torservice/lib/tor/control.txt, len = 0
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