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#10596 fixed "AOL (partial)" breaks Engadget image pde cypherpunks

Most of Engadget works fine, also images. But I only noticed first when visiting this page: With "AOL (partial)" ruleset loaded, the main article image doesn't load: The SSL certificate of this hostname is invalid, it belongs to akamai hostnames. I also tested the latest git rulesets for AOL and Engadget, but that doesn't help.

Note, I use version 3.4.5 but that's not selectable in the ticket form.

#11313 duplicate "About Tor Browser" page should link to not Mozilla erinn alonso_mclaren

Open Tor Browser Bundle, click Help->About Tor Browser, you see a Firefox logo which in my opinion should be changed to Tor logo.

Also, almost all links on that pages are linked to mozilla, not Even the link "Tor Project" in the sentence "TorBrowser is designed by Tor Project" is linked to This is a bit absurd. 

Hopefully this gets fixed into TBB 3.6

#18510 invalid "AccountingMax 20 TB" doubles the actual network load compared to "BandwidthRate 8 MB" toralf

With "BandwidthRate 8 MB" I do observe a load of about 3-4 MByte/sec, whereas "AccountingMax 20 TB" yields to a load of 6-8 MByte/sec and an advertised BW of about 16.41 MB/sec (F1BE15429B3CE696D6807F4D4A58B1BFEC45C822)

Assuming, that "BandwidthRate" is meant just for one direction, I do wonder about the factor of 2.

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