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#30125 implemented Port server's log sanitization to client, broker, and proxy-go cohosh dcf

#21304 added a log sanitizer to the server (bridge) code that searches for IP addresses in logs and elides them. We noted in comment:17:ticket:21304 that the other components--client, broker, and proxy-go--can benefit from the same log sanitization.

comment:18:ticket:21304 suggests a way to do it: move the logScrubber code into a new top-level subdirectory and safelog package, and have the other programs import

#30124 duplicate Tor Starting Problem tbb-team sagararla

My Tor-Browser is not working. It just opens a blank page. I have posted the problem previously under ticket no. 30116

I am thank full for the help to that guy, but he left in the middle

Every details is given in that ticket.

#30122 fixed Make stem's unit tests propagate the backtrace signals to child processes teor teor

Sometimes, our test backtraces just show us that stem's test is waiting for a response from a child process.

But we can fix that.

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