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#30814 wontfix Consider resetting security.enable_tls_session_tickets tbb-team acat

Taking a look at #28746 I realized torbutton_update_isolation_prefs() still sets security.enable_tls_session_tickets = !isolate. This should have been removed in #17252. For users which never played with privacy.firstparty.isolate this will still have the default value, but at least in my browser tls session tickets were disabled. I guess it might be the same for other developers/advanced users.

I don't see a way of knowing whether security.enable_tls_session_tickets = false was set manually by the user or by torbutton. But I think we should consider resetting the pref to the default value to enable tls session tickets for all users.

#30813 not a bug Fails to build with the latest libevent-2.1.10: Undefined symbol "evutil_secure_rng_add_bytes" yurivict271

Undefined symbol "evutil_secure_rng_add_bytes"

See the FreeBSD bug report:

#30810 duplicate about:addons says that NoScript was last updated on Jan 1, 2000 ⇒ user confusion tbb-team intrigeri

The Tails Help Desk told us ( that two users reported concerns after seeing in about:addons that NoScript was last updated on 2000-01-01. I can only assume that more users are concerned/confused too but did not bother reporting it.

I guess this happens right now because the NoScript icon was recently hidden, combined with the recent armagadd-on bug that disabled NoScript: I think these two factors explain why concerned users go double-check in about:addons whether NoScript is really enabled, and then notice this weird date. I'm pretty sure that after a few weeks or months, users will regain their trust in "NoScript is up-to-date and enabled in Tails" and will stop bothering, which will make this entire ticket moot.

Still, if it's trivial to expose a more correct looking date in the UI, maybe it's worth the effort?

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