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#32128 fixed Point DNS for at the new broker set up in #29258 anarcat dcf

Please point the DNS name at the two IP addresses:

There is a PGP-signed statement of those addresses at

In comment:11:ticket:29258, we set up a new Snowflake broker that has an IPv6 address. At today's anti-censorship meeting we decided to test it by first pointing the (currently unused) DNS at it.

17:07:37 <dcf1> I've set up a new broker and documented the installation instructions.
17:07:54 <dcf1>
17:08:20 <dcf1> Figners crossed, I think all that's needed to start using it is to update some DNS records.
17:08:36 <dcf1> But perhpas we should do a smaller-scale test first.
17:09:41 <dcf1> One option is we give the new broker a hostname different than the snowflake-broker ones already in use; that way we can test it ourselves.
17:09:59 <cohosh> we have 3 different broker domains already
17:10:02 <dcf1> Another option is to only set up AAAA records now, so that IPv4 traffic goes to the old broker and IPv6 traffic goes to the new.
17:10:05 <cohosh> bamsoftware, freehaven, and
17:10:25 <dcf1> Yeah and freehaven is a CNAME to bamsoftware, so really we only need to update bamsoftware and torproject.
17:10:39 <cohosh> we could switch first and test with that
17:10:54 <cohosh> since freehaven/bamsoftware is the deployed one
17:11:04 <cohosh> we haven't deployed in the client or proxies yet
17:11:24 <dcf1> Yeah I guess you're right.
17:11:24 <cohosh> due to concerns that some places (like the UK) are good places for proxies but may block tor project domains
17:11:54 <dcf1> And I guess that still points to the bamsoftware one, though I would have to check to be sure.
17:12:19 <dcf1> Okay, that's a good idea cohosh. We need to ask someone to update the names to the IP addresses mentioned in the ticket.
17:13:14 <dcf1> Then we ourselves can test using the client with `-url' and proxy-go with `-broker`

anarcat originally set up the domain at comment:13:ticket:31232.

#32124 fixed Interpret --disable-module-dirauth=no correctly teor teor

Currently, we treat --disable-module-dirauth=no as enabling the C macro, but disabling the Makefile variable.

Apparently lots of people make this mistake:

The most common mistake for this macro is to consider the two actions as action-if-enabled and action-if-disabled.

This is not the case!

Since using --disable-foo or --enable-foo=no are equivalent, for the macro, you cannot really use this macro with those meanings.

I don't know if we should backport this change, it just didn't work before, so maybe it should just go in master?

#32123 implemented Implement minimal --disable-relay-mode teor teor


  • --disable-relay-mode
    • Build tor with relay mode disabled: tor can not run as a relay, bridge, or authority. Implies --disable-dirauth-mode.
    • disable DirPort, DirCache, ORPort, and sets ClientOnly to 1
    • pick one quick module/function to disable


  • --disable-dirauth-mode
    • hidden alias --disable-module-dirauth
    • Build tor with authority mode disabled: tor can not run as a directory authority or bridge authority.
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