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#31077 duplicate relay-search mushes together two hostnames? metrics-team arma

On there is a section called "Host Name" which lists "*" as the hostname.

Now, this is really two addresses -- one at and the other at

But at the least there should be some sort of whitespace or newline or something between them. And it's also possible there is some sort of other bug happening, since we're listing two hostnames when we say we'll list one.


#31076 invalid Temporarily disable emails on the tor-browser-bundle-testsuite.git repository for initial push tor-gitadm boklm

I am about to the initial push on the tor-browser-bundle-testsuite.git repository that was created with #30516. However, this push includes 805 commits, and I'm not sure we should send 805 emails to the tor-commits and tbb-commits mailing lists.

Can we temporarily disable the email hook for the initial push? Or does this hook already avoids sending emails when pushing a new branch on an empty repository?

#31073 fixed Please add Sue to alias tpa isabela

I would like to add Sue (CFO) to our fundraising@… alias so she can follow our updates and discussions.

thanks! isabela

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