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Ticket Summary Modified Owner Type Priority Milestone
#8974 incorrectly reports security updates are available 20 months erinn defect critical
#7430 Easy MITM against check.tpo (not SSL-related) 16 months defect major
#1597 Figure out some way to learn how often we have false negatives. 20 months nickm task normal
#1940 Check should warn users who are not using Torbutton. 20 months Sebastian defect normal
#3749 integrate html redesign into check.tpo 20 months Sebastian enhancement normal
#3962 Add duckduckgo searchbox to 20 months aagbsn project normal
#4144 Added language to Tor Check but it does not show 21 months aagbsn defect normal
#4381 Complete Tor Check enhancements 20 months Sebastian project normal
#5268 Update translation instructions for TorCheck 16 months aagbsn enhancement normal
#6590 Update Chinese translation for Tor Check 21 months Ry enhancement normal
#6847 tor-browser-gnu-linux-x86_64-2.2.39-1-dev-en-US and check don't agree on latest version 20 months defect normal
#7204 Change "security update" to "new version" on check.tpo 20 months arlolra defect normal
#7342 check.tpo erroneously asserts "Sorry. You are not using Tor." 20 months defect normal
#7807 TorCheck does not daemonize 21 months aagbsn enhancement normal
#9041 User-Agent in torcheck 15 months enhancement normal
#9204 Modularize 16 months project normal
#9392 List recent issues on TorCheck page 15 months arlolra enhancement normal
#9397 Expose on check.tpo that Javascript is enabled 20 months arlolra enhancement normal
#9512 Tor check page indicates Tor is no longer being used after manually selecting new ID 20 months erinn defect normal
#9529 Replace webservers with Arlo's Go version 21 months task normal
#9631 message is ambiguous to rational non-technical user. 21 months defect normal
#9654 Updating localization strings for new TorCheck 19 months phoul task normal
#9905 Tor check no reponse 21 months task normal Torbutton: 1.2.5
#10170 New check has invisible "Learn more" link at bottom 21 months defect normal
#10171 Clean up languages for new tor check 16 months phoul enhancement normal
#10179 returns 404 21 months arlolra defect normal
#11058 check.tpo occasionally points to wrong relay on atlas.tpo 17 months arlolra defect normal
#11270 Machine-readable version of Tor Check 8 months arlolra enhancement normal
#11666 Have the old uptodate url always say you're out of date? 15 months arlolra enhancement normal
#13931 lists old SUM URL 8 months arlolra defect normal
#15480 Tor Check's script returns duplicated addresses 4 months arlolra defect normal
#15820 'Check' site should have the YES/NO answer in the title + 2 other improvement suggestions 3 months arlolra enhancement normal
#2803 do not handle IPv6 properly 16 months arlolra defect minor
#8866 Include Arabic translation for TorCheck.pot 21 months Ry defect minor
#13392 Add some info from about:tor to 8 months arlolra enhancement minor
#10190 Firefox extension ipFuck (also known as ipFlood) creates erroneous check.torproject fail screen with two ip addresses 21 months arlolra task trivial
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