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#6446 create end user documentation / document setup/requirements closed Medium 2012-09-30 tagnaq
#14335 Backup4all Thunderbird Plugin closed Medium Backup4all Mr Spock
#13430 Can't set custom http-proxy on GnuPG-settings, lost after restart closed Medium GnuPG, http-proxy ioerror
#20644 torbirdy/thunderbird opens html-attachment in thunderbird and loads content from the internet closed Very High HTML, TorBirdy0.2.1 sukhbir
#10309 TorBirdy - IMAP issue closed High IMAP, Enigmail, issue sukhbir
#5797 Review and test Torbutton-birdy closed Medium MikePerry201205 mikeperry
#6017 TorBirdy needs a website closed Medium SponsorT ioerror
#6319 Interoperability with Lightning closed Low SponsorT ioerror
#6660 TorBirdy technical documentation closed Medium SponsorT tagnaq
#7060 Document testing steps (for implemented features) closed Medium SponsorT tagnaq
#8030 Get TorBirdy into Debian closed Medium SponsorT ioerror
#8775 TorBirdy Design Document closed Medium SponsorT ioerror
#8909 Document installation steps for TorBirdy on Windows closed Medium SponsorT tagnaq
#8911 Document installation steps for TorBirdy on OS X closed Medium SponsorT ioerror
#8936 Distributing Tor with TorBirdy closed Medium SponsorT ioerror
#9130 TorBirdy Signed XPI closed Medium SponsorT ioerror
#8910 Document installation steps for TorBirdy on Linux closed Medium SponsorT, 2013-08-31 tagnaq
#10588 TorBirdy: Preferences not restored closed Medium TorBirdy sukhbir
#20861 X-Mozilla-Keys (offline messages) in forwarded message (as an attachment) closed Medium TorBirdy 0.2.1 sukhbir
#15459 TorBirdy deterministic XPI generation closed Medium TorBirdy0.1.5 ioerror
#8341 torbirdy seems to set thunderbird to automantically check for updates closed Medium automatic updates torbirdy sukhbir
#11546 Project page still has old Torbirdy logo closed Medium branding mttp
#10805 Contact Sync with Torbirdy closed Medium contact sync sukhbir
#6016 TorBirdy needs a pretty logo closed Medium logo, photoshop, torbirdy pedronogueira
#15862 Add warning / Port Choice and TorBirdy closed Medium manual, port choice sukhbir
#16362 Interoperation with Add-on Change quote and reply format closed Medium other add-on ioerror
#11387 Can't send emails if the server has non-fqd restriction closed Immediate outgoing,send ioerror
#6301 TorBirdy closed High security ioerror
#6310 Torbirdy warns about a possible unsafe connection over Port 143, when using STARTTLS closed Medium starttls 143 port imap ioerror
#20750 Torbirdy opens RSS-Feeds as HTML-Website closed High torbirdy 0.2.0 sukhbir
#21881 Torbirdy for Mac Has Stopped Working closed Immediate torbirdy 0.2.2 sukhbir
#8438 TBB update doesn't work with torbirdy closed Medium torbirdy, TBB, port lavisrap
#7529 Make it possible to configure more of the default settings closed Medium torbirdy, date, settings ioerror
#20751 enforce stronger ciphers in torbirdy closed Low torbirdy, thunderbird, TorBirdy0.2.2 sukhbir
#12821 using torbirdy + thunderbird: domains emailing with dmarc closed Medium torbirdy, thunderbird, dmarc, dkim, adsp, spf, email ioerror
#10019 cannot save 'additoinal' additional parameters in enigmail closed Medium torbirdy,thunderbird,enigmail sukhbir
#13721 TorBirdy 0.1.2 uses wrong locale closed Medium torbirdy-0.1.5 ioerror
#17836 Can't complete Twitter authorization process closed Medium twitter sukhbir
#13692 TorBirdy Verifying the XPI closed Medium verify xpi torbirdy ioerror
#27950 Thunderbird updated to 60.2.1 on Oct. 2, TorBirdy breaks. closed Immediate version update sukhbir
#13344 torbirdy's whonix ip address needs update closed Medium whonix ip ioerror
#6014 TorBirdy needs a settings dialog like TorButton closed Medium ioerror
#6015 disable plugins closed Very High ioerror
#6018 Add TorBirdy to the repository closed High ioerror
#6019 Interoperation with enigmail (OpenPGP GPG for Thunderbird) closed High ioerror
#6020 Interoperation with mixgui (mixminion remailer for Thunderbird) closed High ioerror
#6021 disable addons closed Very High ioerror
#6057 avoid revealing torbirdys anonymity set explicitly closed Medium ioerror
#6093 POP account creation impossible closed Immediate ioerror
#6099 Add build instructions to README closed Low ioerror
#6100 Close issue tracker on github closed Medium ioerror
#6303 Language leak? closed Medium ioerror
#6314 prevent leak via Date header field (local timestamp disclosure) closed High ioerror
#6315 prevent leak via Message-ID header field (local timestamp disclosure) closed High ioerror
#6335 deactive submit performance data closed Medium ioerror
#6336 deactivate Check for new messages on startup closed Medium ioerror
#6337 deactivate Check for new messages every 10 minutes closed Medium ioerror
#6338 enable connection security by default closed Medium ioerror
#6358 do not ask to be the default client closed Medium ioerror
#6360 remove dependency on http to socks forwarder closed Medium ioerror
#6392 prevent leak of msg-id of original mail when forwarding a mail closed Medium ioerror
#6440 no error message if proxy is unreachable closed Medium ioerror
#6441 custom proxy settings lost after restart, user.js ignored closed Medium ioerror
#6442 use stronger hashes by default in enigmail closed Medium ioerror
#6451 add proxy / tor connectivity check closed Medium ioerror
#6656 Transparent Torification Option for TorBirdy closed Medium ioerror
#6740 provide opt-out from security.ssl.require_safe_negotiation=true ? closed Medium ioerror
#6940 analyze thunderbird HTTP proxy behaviour closed Medium sukhbir
#6941 add an opt-out option from --throw-keyids closed Medium ioerror
#6957 Install dependencies? closed Medium ioerror
#6958 Implement JavaScript HTTP proxy closed Immediate ioerror
#6965 analyse how bad or good gpg http-proxy= socks5-hostname:// fails (leaks) closed Medium ioerror
#6974 gpg socks support autodetection? closed Medium ioerror
#7068 continue enigmail support, just fail closed closed Medium ioerror
#7083 timezone leak on OSX? closed Very High ioerror
#7093 Enhance Enigmail preferences in TorBirdy closed Medium ioerror
#7775 cannot decrypt both encrypted & encrypted+signed emails in k9 mail+APG closed Medium ioerror
#7776 message pane (F8) re-appears after closing, re-starting TB closed Medium ioerror
#7847 TorBirdy NNTP Usenet Newsgroup closed Medium ioerror
#8029 Whonix support in TorBirdy Settings closed Medium ioerror
#8058 Always confirm before sending by default for enigmail closed Medium ioerror
#8125 add alternative to mail providers closed Medium ioerror
#8233 Restore account settings on uninstall closed Medium sukhbir
#8236 TorBirdy 0.10 enables the message pane on restart closed Medium ioerror
#8237 Document the changes made to Thunderbird (etc) by TorBirdy closed Medium sukhbir
#8238 Update the TorBirdy AMO page to reflect its state and requirement closed Medium ioerror
#8318 Allow users to set custom length for mailnews.wraplength closed Medium ioerror
#8326 cannot import keys from gpg with Torbirdy 0.1.0 closed Medium sukhbir
#8332 allow additional keyservers and/or change default jondo closed Medium sukhbir
#8348 Torbirdy with PGP closed Medium ioerror
#8420 Opt-out from TLS-specific settings closed Medium ioerror
#8487 Allow back-dooring oneself closed Medium ioerror
#8501 Test to see if a component can have more than one owner closed Very Low ioerror, sukhbir
#8583 use of PGP/MIME leaks use of Enigmail closed Medium sukhbir
#8764 Include Arabic translation closed Medium ioerror
#8812 Check for possible extension conflicts with TorBirdy closed Medium ioerror
#9060 gpg reads .gnupg/gpg.conf closed Medium sukhbir
#9131 Submit TorBirdy Thunderbird patches to Mozilla closed Medium ioerror
#9132 Improve TorBirdy's documentation closed Medium ioerror
#9133 Ship TorBirdy and Tor as a single package closed Medium ioerror
#9134 Obtain a Mozilla code-signing certificate for the TorBirdy XPI closed Medium ioerror
#9135 TorBirdy NightOwl Deliverables closed Medium ioerror
#9142 Set up a dedicated offline system for signing closed Medium ioerror
#9395 Using the TBB port 9150 exclusively breaks Torbirdy with a regular Tor install. closed Medium tagnaq
#9548 Add option for restoring default settings closed Medium ioerror
#9569 Bump TorBirdy's minimum supported version closed Medium ioerror
#9589 Allow easy access to changing automatic checking of emails closed Medium ioerror
#9648 Disable --throw-keydis by default closed Medium ioerror
#9673 Investigate changes coming in Thunderbird 24 closed Medium ioerror
#9772 TorBirdy crashes on first start after installation if there are no email accounts closed Medium ioerror
#9846 Cannot connect AT ALL through Tor and TorBirdy addon. closed High sukhbir
#9967 Refresh keyring in the background closed Medium ioerror
#10226 Show the Sender header in the message pane closed Medium ioerror
#10683 Disabling TorBirdy but not restarting is already disabling the extension closed High sukhbir
#11168 TorBirdy still running when disabled / no uninstall/remove button in GUI closed Low ioerror
#11188 Torbirdy doesn't disable autoconnect closed Medium ioerror
#11212 Can't verify signature because ASC file is nowhere to be found closed High
#11427 New mail sound but no automatic message download closed Medium sukhbir
#13006 EHLO is not a good choice closed High ioerror
#13480 system language leak via reply: Changed reply_header behaviour (upstream) requires setting new preference closed High ioerror
#13722 TorBirdy 0.1.3 prevents Thunderbird from starting closed High ioerror
#13961 change tor exit node when connecting to different mail servers closed Medium ioerror
#13962 torbirdy isn't in debian wheezy closed Low ioerror
#13982 TorBirdy crashes if tor process not running in Windows 8 closed Medium ioerror
#14007 Thunderbird 31.3 fails to load with Torbirdy 0.1.3 (Windows 7) closed Immediate ioerror
#14025 Make TorBirdy work with SplitGPG setup (qubes os) closed Medium sukhbir
#14099 Thunderbird hangs at restart after install of TorBirdy 0.1.3 closed Medium ioerror
#14130 Thunderbird won t start with Torbirdy enabled closed High ioerror
#14705 HTML email not turned off in TorBirdy when using multiple email accounts closed Medium sukhbir
#15393 "torbirdy is torbutton..." -- WTF is torbutton?! closed Medium ioerror
#15879 Removing torbirdy closed Medium ioerror
#16419 TorBirdy fails to set timezone to UTC after upgrading from Fedora 20 to Fedora 21 closed Immediate ioerror
#16531 Torbirdy closed Medium sukhbir
#16604 Is sogo safe to use with torbirdy? closed Medium ioerror
#16935 Enigmail advanced preferences gets overridden by TorBirdy on start-up closed Medium ioerror, sukhbir
#17087 Latest release signed with expired key closed Medium ioerror, sukhbir
#17118 Gmail inaccessible with TorBirdy's default security settings closed Low ioerror, sukhbir
#17426 Please provide a way to make "IMAP vs POP3 as the default" configurable for preseeding closed Medium ioerror, sukhbir
#19049 Use the same proxy port for Enigmail closed Medium sukhbir
#19330 Set safe defaults for outgoing servers closed Medium sukhbir
#19971 Option to disable gnupg version dependent changes in the Enigmail settings closed Medium sukhbir
#20157 Don't force timezone=UTC when creating new calendar events closed Medium sukhbir
#20900 Unable to open and install TorBirdy closed Very High sukhbir
#21165 Uninstall not working closed Very High sukhbir
#21783 TorBirdy doesn't work with GMail (because it blocks the JavaScript required by OAuth?) closed Medium sukhbir
#21880 Protected E-mail Headers (Enigmail) closed Medium sukhbir
#22318 Don't allow MitM by Microsoft Family Safety in Thunderbird ESR 52 closed Medium sukhbir
#22484 TB 52+ leaks installed dictionary closed Medium sukhbir
#22566 Let user to hide "TorBirdy Enabled" message. closed Medium sukhbir
#22567 Turn off and disable Telemetry and Safesite list update(Google Safe) closed Medium sukhbir
#22568 Update manual (or dist error) closed Medium sukhbir
#22569 If user set custom proxy, update enigmail's value too. closed Medium sukhbir
#22590 TorBirdy foecefully disable automatic connection of chat closed High sukhbir
#22886 Can't edit font mail closed High sukhbir
#22944 RSS: prevent fetching of channel icons closed Medium sukhbir
#22975 Make it harder for users to open links closed Medium sukhbir
#23148 TorBirdy uses invalid GPG keyserver options in Enigmail closed Medium sukhbir
#23468 TorBirdy 0.2.3: Custom setting for protected headers lost after reboot closed Medium sukhbir
#24984 Torbirdy changes SMTP security setting from STARTTLS to SSL/TLS closed Medium sukhbir
#25129 Can you stop enabling ocsp each time on startup? closed Very High sukhbir
#28214 TOR DOESNT WORK closed High sukhbir
#30534 Torbirdy: While TorBirdy running cannot seem to get any Add-ons from the Add-on Manager closed Medium sukhbir
#31773 update torbirdy compatibility to work with Thunderbird 68.1.0 closed Medium sukhbir
#32844 Please update torbirdy to support new versions of firefox closed Medium sukhbir
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