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#5430 Add top-10 relays by bandwidth history to Atlas? Low Normal karsten 15 months ago
#6233 Advanced searches in Atlas Medium Normal hellais 17 months ago
#6326 Display Twitter stream of relay operator on Atlas' relay details page Medium Normal hellais 16 months ago
#6355 Distinguish between running relays and non-running relays which last had the Running flag High Normal karsten 5 months ago
#6787 Make homepage more informative/intuitive Medium Normal ioerror 8 days ago
#7939 Add details on what the relay flags mean Medium Normal hellais 17 months ago
#8526 Port atlas to use angular.js Low Normal hellais 8 months ago
#9348 Add average/burst/observed bandwidth to Atlas' details page Low Normal karsten 17 months ago
#9768 The CSS used on Atlas should be responsive Low Normal cypherpunks 5 months ago
#9814 Atlas should make clear when relay details come from outdated consensus High Normal wfn 8 days ago
#9913 Explain relay flags in detail view using tooltips Medium Normal f3ndot 8 months ago
#10184 Atlas should validate search input Low Normal karsten 8 months ago
#10523 Atlas does not show IPv6 accept6 policy Medium Normal torland 17 months ago
#10883 Atlas should explain how users can search for their bridge Medium Normal karsten 11 months ago
#11348 Add new graphs on average users per bridge and fractional uptime per relay/bridge to Atlas Medium Normal karsten 5 months ago
#11497 Add fractions of bridge clients by country, transport, and IP version Medium Normal karsten 5 months ago
#12685 Wrap fingerprint line on smaller displays Very Low Normal Zitlo 8 months ago
#12692 Hide field names of empty fields Medium Normal arma 7 months ago
#13131 Atlas: What happens when Tor Browser turns Javascript Off by Default? Medium Normal teor 18 months ago
#13745 Determine which patches to apply from wpapper's Globe fork High Normal isis 16 months ago
#14328 only one syntax for Exit Policy Summaries Very Low Normal cholin 8 months ago
#15016 atlas displays running flag for non-running relays Medium Normal cypherpunks 7 months ago
#15178 Improve Atlas' error messages Low Normal phw 5 months ago
#15395 add support for more than 40 results Medium Normal cypherpunks 15 months ago
#15415 display relay directly if the search finds one relay only Medium Normal cypherpunks 7 months ago
#15417 atlas should point to the actual family instead of displaying relay fingerprints Medium Normal cypherpunks 17 months ago
#15453 Globe's bandwidth graphs over 3 days/1 week do not update for relays running Tor >= 2.5.11 Medium Normal gok 9 months ago
#15978 Missing <noscript> tag Medium Normal furious 18 months ago
#16230 same server under same ip address listed on Atlas Low Normal bossghetto 17 months ago
#16961 Switch from displaying "family" field to new "alleged_family" and "effective_family" fields Medium Normal karsten 22 months ago
#17326 Atlas not showing 3-day and 1-week graphs for bytes read/wriiten by node Medium Normal torqc 17 months ago
#18081 Display a message when Onionoo is unavailable Medium Normal cypherpunks 8 months ago
#18924 Add <noscript> message Medium Normal karsten 17 months ago
#18989 Remove broken country image for relays that don't have a "country" entry Medium Normal alenan 8 months ago
#19372 Performing an empty search causes UI to become unresponsive Medium Normal irl 15 months ago
#19452 Make single request for Onionoo details document Medium Normal phw 8 months ago
#19538 Replace raster glyphicons with vector icons for flags Medium Normal twim 5 months ago
#19539 Add red/green circles to indicate uptime/downtime Medium Normal twim 13 months ago
#19553 Do not plot empty graphs Medium Normal twim 8 months ago
#19956 "uptime" is wrong Medium Normal toralf 11 months ago
#20374 Atlas should warn its users if Onionoo serves outdated data High Normal karsten 7 months ago
#20382 atlas doesn't check if a relay's family members also list that relay in their family Medium Normal cypherpunks 8 months ago
#20508 atlas display stucks if ipv4 and ipv6 ports do differ Medium Normal toralf 11 months ago
#20649 Atlas display for missing GeoIP info could be improved Medium Normal teor 7 months ago
#20846 Atlas report wrong geoip information (maybe outdated) Medium Normal naif 10 months ago
#21166 Missing equal sign in the router template Medium Normal cypherpunks 8 months ago
#21234 Fix W3C validator issues Medium Normal cypherpunks 8 months ago
#21274 Dig up any HTML validation errors in generated HTML Medium Normal irl 7 months ago
#21275 Replace email address for contact on Atlas with irl's Medium Normal irl 8 months ago
#21291 Relay country and flags images on search results should have alt attributes Medium Normal irl 8 months ago
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