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#16961 Switch from displaying "family" field to new "alleged_family" and "effective_family" fields Medium Normal karsten 2 years ago
#17828 no traffic graph for 3 days and for one weeks traffic Medium Minor niehaus 2 years ago
#16668 Atlas is down Very High atagar 2 years ago
#15394 account for bw obs. change in tor Medium cypherpunks 3 years ago
#15172 Datenbankabfrage in Atlas nicht möglich Medium secugate1 3 years ago
#15168 atlas complaints: Backend error! The backend server replied with an error to your query. Medium toralf 3 years ago
#15167 atlas backend error Medium snejjj 3 years ago
#15063 Atlas Search error Medium NWM-tor 3 years ago
#14163 atlas backend error Medium coreylad 3 years ago
#13783 Remove advertised bandwidth fraction graph from Atlas Medium karsten 3 years ago
#13599 Explain how to perform advanced searches Medium karsten 3 years ago
#13619 bum bum bum Medium saxta666 3 years ago
#13343 atlas vs Globe: colors are alternated used Low toralf 3 years ago
#13173 atlas backend error! Medium cypherpunks 3 years ago
#12992 Atlas without Javascript? Medium dongxi 3 years ago
#12942 ATLAS Medium zamboni 3 years ago
#12991 Atlas gives no information for relays High dongxi 3 years ago
#12839 Tor Atlas displays wrong uptime Medium daferna2 3 years ago
#12775 Atlas No Longer Working Medium justin.ramos@… 3 years ago
#6320 Implement fingerprint hash based search (bridge support) High hellais 3 years ago
#12565 Atlas gived me error at relay questioning Medium spectre 3 years ago
#12422 Fix Onionoo links Medium pablogg 3 years ago
#10511 database error Medium serj 3 years ago
#8396 Search on client side as well Medium gsathya 3 years ago
#11576 Atlas shows "uptime" when it means "downtime" Medium massar 4 years ago
#9889 Write a script to either confirm or confute Weather's "Tshirt: yes/no" Medium arma 4 years ago
#11392 Relay Not Found Medium tamikenn57 4 years ago
#11391 Tor Atlas Failing Medium tamikenn57 4 years ago
#10771 atlas is missing a license Medium arma 4 years ago
#10489 Atlas not working at all Medium mwolfe 4 years ago
#5389 Can't link to atlas graphs, and can't save them to disk Medium Sebastian 4 years ago
#6361 Merge six bandwidth history graphs into one Medium karsten 4 years ago
#9920 atlas says MB when it should say MBytes Medium arma 4 years ago
#10287 how to watch movie on youtube , Very High paulsalameh 4 years ago
#10146 Atlas shows my relay three times, once per when I edit my relay's configuration. Very Low jeffluo35 4 years ago
#9015 Year in footer isn't updated Low Sebastian 4 years ago
#9911 HSDir flag is never assigned/displayed to a relay High f3ndot 4 years ago
#9914 Display country name and flag on detail view Medium f3ndot 4 years ago
#9853 Atlas fault - query not properly formatted Medium Robert 4 years ago
#9085 Atlas: Cannot run the script Medium achintangal 4 years ago
#7844 No instructions for how to run a local Atlas web server Very Low evjan 4 years ago
#9370 Rename remaining occurrences of "TorStatus" to "Atlas" Medium phw 4 years ago
#9231 Add consensus weight to relay info Medium hsn 4 years ago
#9302 do not reuse directory port from old entry Medium hsn 4 years ago
#9281 undefined email is not displayed correctly Medium hsn 4 years ago
#6273 Atlas internal server error Medium Aymeric 4 years ago
#9054 Tor Atlas keeps using old relay names after rename Medium Olathe 4 years ago
#8820 Patch to put some text in tooltips where it was missing. Medium benjojo 5 years ago
#8459 Graph Usability degraded Medium hexa- 5 years ago
#5833 Relay information in title Low atagar 5 years ago
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