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#16691 Atlas/Globe/Onionoo not updateing Medium Normal starlight 4 years ago
#16750 Add improved family measure to Onionoo Medium virgilgriffith 4 years ago
#16907 Stop returning a 500 Internal Server Error when the hourly updater has not run for 6+ hours Medium Normal karsten 4 years ago
#17115 Can't search by fingerprint with spaces Medium Normal strugee 4 years ago
#17232 returns HTTP ERROR 500 Medium teor 4 years ago
#17885 Fix two inconsistencies between protocol and implementation Medium Normal karsten 4 years ago
#17919 Document history objects better Medium Normal seansaito 3 years ago
#18026 Remove deprecated and optional "family" field from details documents Medium Normal karsten 4 years ago
#18036 OnionOO ignores history age limit Medium Normal teor 3 years ago
#18270 flush cached hostname when a relay's IP changes Medium Normal cypherpunks 4 years ago
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