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#31247 inconsistent response data (not all fields provided) on details document requests Medium Normal nusenu 3 weeks ago
#31400 Add Onionoo's master branch to GitLab's CI Medium Normal karsten 11 days ago
#17938 Pagination would be useful when dealing with large numbers of results Low Minor phranck 3 years ago
#19253 replace submodule with released dependency of metrics-lib Low Minor iwakeh 3 years ago
#20566 example page should have links for the mirror it is on Medium Minor iwakeh 3 years ago
#21036 Onionoo doesn't return JSON for error responses Low Minor lukechilds 3 years ago
#21941 Wrong country information Low Minor ilv 2 years ago
#25448 allow for URLs that specify list of fingerprints Low Minor cypherpunks 14 months ago
#5245 Support multiple OR addresses Medium karsten 7 years ago
#5246 Look into caching using HTTP headers Medium karsten 8 years ago
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