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#24494 Specification says nickname is optional in documents but it's always there Medium Normal irl 21 months ago
#25815 Speed up hourly updater performance Medium Normal karsten 3 days ago
#11432 Start a bridge's uptime history when it was first listed in a status Low karsten 5 years ago
#19265 Start hourly updater using a start/stop script rather than crontab Medium Normal karsten 3 years ago
#23796 Stop rejecting field queries due to capitalisation Medium Normal teor 2 years ago
#16907 Stop returning a 500 Internal Server Error when the hourly updater has not run for 6+ hours Medium Normal karsten 4 years ago
#13135 Support base64-encoded fingerprints in `search` parameter Medium Sebastian 5 years ago
#5245 Support multiple OR addresses Medium karsten 7 years ago
#11526 Support multiple relay and bridge identities Medium karsten 5 years ago
#16612 Support parsing of .xz compressed tarballs. Low leeroy 4 years ago
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