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#13658 Onionoo reports Bridge "advertised_bandwidth" as zero when "Bandwidth" is non-zero Medium eli 3 years ago
#13616 define jmeter testcase(s) and ant task(s) High iwakeh 5 years ago
#13600 Improve bulk imports of descriptor archives Medium Normal karsten 7 months ago
#13574 Tweak memory usage of hourly cronjob Medium karsten 6 years ago
#13561 logging documentation Low Normal iwakeh 4 years ago
#13422 Extend search parameter to accept advanced search terms Medium karsten 6 years ago
#13408 Offline relays still listed as Running Medium lzkill 6 years ago
#13394 badnwidth graph isn't updated fora particular relay Low toralf 6 years ago
#13362 Make Onionoo's logs more useful Medium Normal karsten 4 years ago
#13348 Exit Policy Summary shows "reject 1-65535" althought there accept ports and exit connections Very Low toralf 6 years ago
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