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#21637 Include both declared and reachable IPv6 OR addresses Medium Normal teor 2 years ago
#16553 Add support for searching by (partial) host name Very Low Normal karsten 2 years ago
#21827 Add recommended_version to bridge details document Medium Normal cypherpunks 23 months ago
#23544 Add recommended_version parameter Medium Normal cypherpunks 23 months ago
#23962 Allow searching by bridges by version with the version parameter Medium Normal irl 23 months ago
#21620 Include whether a relay is shipped with tor as fallback directory Medium Normal teor 23 months ago
#22261 Remove the $ from family fingerprints Medium Normal teor 22 months ago
#24773 Error 503 Backend fetch failed High Normal cypherpunks 22 months ago
#21366 Support whitespace in search term (as does Onionoo) Medium Normal cypherpunks 21 months ago
#25138 Onionoo is not updating Immediate Major why 21 months ago
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