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#24729 Find reason for 'null' values in Onionoo document High Major Dbryrtfbcbhgf 21 months ago
#24916 3 month bandwidth showing old data Medium Normal irl 21 months ago
#25085 Make order of sorted results deterministic Medium Normal iwakeh 20 months ago
#24494 Specification says nickname is optional in documents but it's always there Medium Normal irl 20 months ago
#25241 effective_family sometimes contains the relay's own fingerprint Medium Normal irl 20 months ago
#25478 Put out Onionoo 5.1-1.11.0 Medium Normal karsten 20 months ago
#16513 Make writing of the out/ directory from the status/ directory deterministic Very High Normal karsten 20 months ago
#22488 Include relay version listed in consensus in addition to platform line from server descriptor High Normal cypherpunks 20 months ago
#25551 host_name field does not match spec Medium Normal cypherpunks 19 months ago
#25700 Fetch descriptors from both CollecTor instances Medium Normal karsten 19 months ago
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