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#24017 Onionoo updating? No new data since Oct 25 High Normal MikeEU 3 years ago
#24222 Improve onionoo's war structure and startup Medium Normal iwakeh 7 months ago
#24256 Add a new "outdated" field to distinguish between outdated and too new tor versions High Normal arma 2 years ago
#24295 Rename Onionoo packages Medium Normal karsten 22 months ago
#24296 Make Onionoo's document classes available as part of metrics-lib Medium Normal karsten 2 years ago
#24334 Make Onionoo's results more maintainable Medium Normal iwakeh 7 months ago
#24419 Improve getter names for boolean fields Medium Normal karsten 22 months ago
#24494 Specification says nickname is optional in documents but it's always there Medium Normal irl 2 years ago
#24729 Find reason for 'null' values in Onionoo document High Major Dbryrtfbcbhgf 2 years ago
#24773 Error 503 Backend fetch failed High Normal cypherpunks 3 years ago
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