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#31400 Add Onionoo's master branch to GitLab's CI Medium Normal karsten 2 weeks ago
#5249 Add orport parameter to Onionoo Low karsten 6 years ago
#5255 Support search via Tor node contact / email address Low karsten 6 years ago
#6283 Add more parameters to search by version and other fields Low Aymeric 5 years ago
#6695 add whois info Low Blocker cypherpunks 2 years ago
#10331 Provide per-bridge usage statistics in Onionoo Low karsten 6 years ago
#11432 Start a bridge's uptime history when it was first listed in a status Low karsten 4 years ago
#12732 an onionoo java cli is available Low iwakeh 5 years ago
#13089 use an embedded web server/servlet engine for Onionoo Low iwakeh 5 years ago
#13394 badnwidth graph isn't updated fora particular relay Low toralf 5 years ago
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