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Ticket Summary Priority Severity Reporter Modified
#9235 Remove advertised bandwidth fraction graph data from Onionoo Medium karsten 6 years ago
#9183 Avoid parsing server descriptors more than once High karsten 6 years ago
#9198 Fix "running" fields in bridge summary and bridge details documents Medium karsten 6 years ago
#6950 Write tests for Onionoo front-end High gsathya 6 years ago
#8747 Add transports field to Onionoo's details documents Medium karsten 7 years ago
#8713 Track down and fix Onionoo's heap space problem with Tomcat Medium rdump 7 years ago
#8678 atlas search box doesn't find some things? Medium arma 7 years ago
#6509 Add fields and parameters to Onionoo to search for disappearing or newly joining relays Medium karsten 7 years ago
#7895 Add new Onionoo document type containing fast-exit history Medium karsten 7 years ago
#8623 Atlas not returning search results High cwacek 7 years ago
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