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#10128 Search and family very limited Medium kwadronaut 5 years ago
#16371 Use soft links to dependencies instead of hard links Medium leeroy 5 years ago
#16401 Fail-fast if file access permissions for out and status prevent an update Medium Normal leeroy 4 years ago
#16540 Close the the updater's shared HttpUrlConnection socket if an exception occurs. Medium Normal leeroy 4 years ago
#16612 Support parsing of .xz compressed tarballs. Low leeroy 5 years ago
#13905 tor globe not working! Immediate linuxthefish 6 years ago
#21036 Onionoo doesn't return JSON for error responses Low Minor lukechilds 4 years ago
#21050 Onionoo serves invalid cache headers Medium Normal lukechilds 3 years ago
#21095 Accept more values for the "order" parameter Medium Normal lukechilds 4 years ago
#6309 Onionoo generates invalid JSON Medium lunar 8 years ago
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