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#31247 inconsistent response data (not all fields provided) on details document requests Medium Normal nusenu 4 months ago
#20994 invalid first_seen timestamp on bridges Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 years ago
#19618 java8 for Onionoo Medium Normal iwakeh 2 years ago
#31952 javax.xml.bind is not longer part of the JRE High Normal irl 2 months ago
#23211 limit Onionoo default listening to localhost Medium Normal iwakeh 2 years ago
#13561 logging documentation Low Normal iwakeh 3 years ago
#20668 make test-sources comply to checkstyle Medium Normal iwakeh 3 years ago
#16020 new field: measured flag Medium cypherpunks 4 years ago
#18834 non-running relays (running=0) should have a consensus_weight of 0 Medium Normal cypherpunks 4 years ago
#16018 onionoo down (500 Server Error) Medium cypherpunks 5 years ago
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