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#11428 Always return non-empty bandwidth and clients documents for running relays/bridges Medium karsten 7 years ago
#11350 Extend Onionoo's lookup parameter to give out relays/bridges that haven't been running in the past week Medium karsten 7 years ago
#11516 Invalid dates in relays_published and bridges_published fields High karsten 7 years ago
#11369 Document difference between bandwidth_rate and advertised_bandwidth in onionoo Medium honestly 7 years ago
#6283 Add more parameters to search by version and other fields Low Aymeric 7 years ago
#10331 Provide per-bridge usage statistics in Onionoo Low karsten 7 years ago
#10908 Flag Filtering for Bridges Medium cypherpunks 7 years ago
#10850 Onionoo says platform is “Tor on Linux” on BSD systems Medium lunar 7 years ago
#10707 Add hibernation information to Onionoo's details documents. Medium karsten 7 years ago
#10619 Add recommended_version field to Onionoo's details documents Medium karsten 7 years ago
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