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#10850 Onionoo says platform is “Tor on Linux” on BSD systems Medium lunar 7 years ago
#13408 Offline relays still listed as Running Medium lzkill 6 years ago
#13824 build failed in onionoo Low madjack 6 years ago
#6488 Integrate TorBEL's Exit node in Onionoo protocol Medium naif 8 years ago
#14974 Onionoo should output full tor-exit-address Medium naif 6 years ago
#23914 Extend flag parameter to support comma-separated list of flags Medium Normal nusenu 2 years ago
#26901 Mention that a DNSSEC-validating resolver is used for reverse DNS lookups Medium Normal nusenu 2 years ago
#26963 regression in host_name field introduced in v6.1 High Normal nusenu 2 years ago
#31247 inconsistent response data (not all fields provided) on details document requests Medium Normal nusenu 15 months ago
#6270 tomcat6 on yatei out of memory heap error Medium phobos 8 years ago
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