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#23467 running parameter vs. field mismatch Medium Normal cypherpunks 2 years ago
#10972 searching atlas for email addresses fails Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 years ago
#22316 support downloads via a tor SOCKS port Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 years ago
#26031 suspected bug in exit_addresses - no IPv6 addresses? Low Normal cypherpunks 20 months ago
#19751 switch to newer jetty in onionoo Low Normal iwakeh 3 years ago
#20889 switch to the December 3, 2016 geoip database Medium Normal iwakeh 3 years ago
#6270 tomcat6 on yatei out of memory heap error Medium phobos 8 years ago
#13905 tor globe not working! Immediate linuxthefish 5 years ago
#19259 uncaught NFE and other bugs in weight status document processing High Major iwakeh 3 years ago
#19260 unit tests do not compile against DescripTor version > 1.0.0 Medium Normal iwakeh 4 years ago
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