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Ticket Summary Priority Severity Reporter Modified
#9853 Atlas fault - query not properly formatted Medium Robert 6 years ago
#9085 Atlas: Cannot run the script Medium achintangal 6 years ago
#7844 No instructions for how to run a local Atlas web server Very Low evjan 6 years ago
#9370 Rename remaining occurrences of "TorStatus" to "Atlas" Medium phw 6 years ago
#9231 Add consensus weight to relay info Medium hsn 6 years ago
#9302 do not reuse directory port from old entry Medium hsn 6 years ago
#9281 undefined email is not displayed correctly Medium hsn 6 years ago
#6273 Atlas internal server error Medium Aymeric 6 years ago
#9054 Tor Atlas keeps using old relay names after rename Medium Olathe 6 years ago
#8820 Patch to put some text in tooltips where it was missing. Medium benjojo 6 years ago
#8459 Graph Usability degraded Medium hexa- 6 years ago
#5833 Relay information in title Low atagar 6 years ago
#7885 Atlas Fails on old Exit Node Low cypherpunks 6 years ago
#7861 atlas should tolerate whitespace in its searches Low arma 6 years ago
#5307 Handle missing last_restarted field in Onionoo's details documents High karsten 6 years ago
#5832 Indefinite wait if relay no longer exists High atagar 6 years ago
#6945 Atlas has no search box Medium rransom 7 years ago
#5559 Not showing BadExit flag Low atagar 7 years ago
#6711 Replace full exit policy with exit policy summary on relay details page Medium karsten 7 years ago
#6678 add AS info to relay details page Medium cypherpunks 7 years ago
#6269 doesnt respond to legit queries Medium hestia 7 years ago
#6669 atlas doesn't find Amunet relays? Medium cypherpunks 7 years ago
#5755 Atlas could show "fraction of Tor network by weight" graphs over time? Medium arma 7 years ago
#5388 Graphs give no indication of displayed quantity Medium Sebastian 7 years ago
#5451 graphs overlap wrongly if browser window is too narrow Medium arma 7 years ago
#6391 Running flag is showed on non-running relay in atlas Medium Caber 7 years ago
#5892 Add list of favorite relays/bridges Medium karsten 7 years ago
#6122 lacks contact information Medium weasel 7 years ago
#5319 Update atlas' link to Onionoo Very Low karsten 7 years ago
#5318 relay uptime can go negative? Medium arma 7 years ago
#5445 Atlas doesn't handle Onionoo's HTTPS redirects correctly High karsten 7 years ago
#4820 Redesign Tor Status Medium hellais 7 years ago
#5317 revise atlas 'about' page to point to official git repo, etc Medium arma 7 years ago
#5316 atlas behaves confusingly when javascript to a naked IP address isn't allowed Medium arma 7 years ago
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