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#462 fixed Auto Tor Toggle mikeperry

It has been requested that Torbutton provide the ability to either turn tor on for urls with a particular prefix (ie tor:// or tors://), or to add the ability to specify certain bookmarks are Tor-only.

The latter feature seems much more interesting, but I'm not sure if the bookmarks engine allows you to add on extra fields. Perhaps both features need to be implemented in tandem, so users can then just bookmark tor:// urls.

The extension possibly should ask for confirmation also. Not sure I like the idea of tor state sometimes magically toggling on just because a website had an img src="tor://" in there or something.

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#507 fixed tor-gencert linked against event/pthread rl1987 weasel

tor-gencert is linked against libevent and libpthread tho it probably doesn't need those. Since tor-gencert is quite a file that you might want to transfer to a computer that doesn't have libevent it would be nice if it could not be linked against that library.

Unless of course it needs libevent.

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#511 fixed htw3.png is misleading arma
Description says "If the user wants access to another site," and this is wrong.

It should perhaps say "Later," or "After a while,"?

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