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#7514 wontfix "Configure controlport automatically" is mysteriously missing when Vidalia couldn't start Tor chiiph arma

When a Windows user is running Tor already and starts TBB, it fails to start Tor because Tor can't bind to 9050 / 9051. When this happens, Vidalia chooses not to display the "Configure controlport automatically" button on its Settings -> Advanced page.

The workaround for people who want to run multiple Tors is "close all your other Tors before starting TBB, and then tell TBB to switch to switch to auto". It would be good if Vidalia could handle this directly though -- i.e. if it failed to start Tor, still offer the option to switch Tor to auto.

A simpler approach that would still help here would be to leave the clickbox in, but grey it out if you don't want the user clicking it.

#21831 duplicate "Connection is Not Secure" warning. tbb-team jonathanfemideer

Browsing to certain HTTPS-protected web pages using Tor Browser 6.5.1, with the Tor Browser Security Settings slider set to "High", results in a red diagonal bar being drawn through the padlock that sits to the left of the address bar. Here is a URL for such a web page:

Clicking the crossed-out padlock while visiting that web page in Tor Browser 6.5.1 results in a tooltip divided into three panes: top-left, top-right, and bottom. The top-left pane says: Connection is Not Secure You have disabled protection on this page.

The top-right pane has an arrow. Clicking on that arrow replaces the tooltip contents with this:

This website contains content that is not secure (such as scripts) and your connection to it is not private. Information you share with this site could be viewed by others (like passwords, messages, credit cards, etc.). Learn More

At the bottom of the new tooltip contents, there is a button marked "Enable protection" and another button marked "More Information".

Clicking the "Enable protection" button appears to have no effect, except that it closes the tooltip and refreshes the page.

Clicking the "More Information" button launches the Page Info dialogue box.

It seems to me that, ideally:

  • The protection referred to by the "Enable protection" button should be enabled by default (at least when the security slider is set to "High", and maybe also for "Medium" and/or "Low"), thereby avoiding both the security risk and the corresponding warning.
  • Failing that, the protection referred to by the "Enable protection" button should at least take effect when that button is clicked, thereby avoiding both the security risk and the corresponding warning, at least for that website.
#5086 not a bug "Control socket is not connected" when starting TOR/Vidalia chiiph kalender

I don't know why. But TOR/Vidalia just stopped working for me. I've never had any problem with it. Just installed and launched without any error messages.

Still, this message pops up:

"Vidalia was unable to authenticate to the Tor software. (Control socket is not connected).

Please check your control port authentication settings"


Googled for it without any success. Reinstalled Vidalia/TOR x times, installed the latest version (Alpha), etc etc. Why won't it work anymore? I havent change any setting at all. Anywhere.

Version: vidalia-bundle- Windows XP

Please, help.

Thanks in advance, /K

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