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#31327 implemented remove job-anticensor alias since its task is done tpa arma

We used the job-anticensor alias to hire phw and cohosh. Woo. Now that task is complete, and we should remove the alias.

#31326 fixed Start using Ant Ivy for external dependency management karsten karsten

We're using various external dependencies in our code bases, from Logback for logging to embedded Jetty as our web server. In the past we relied on Debian stable to provide relevant library files in /usr/share/java/.

However, the manual upgrade to libraries found in the new Debian stable version buster has turned out to be harder than expected. This is also due to us still using JSPs which requires rather unusual libraries. Apart from this, having to add dependencies (and their dependencies) manually prevents us from adding other useful tools and libraries. In short, we need a better process for managing external dependencies.

We discussed last week that we'd try out Ant Ivy for this purpose, despite the fact that it doesn't look as well maintained as other alternatives. But the changes to our current build process would be minimal, as compared to switching to Gradle or Maven.

Assigning this ticket to myself, as I have already started working on this and am planning to finish this work soon.

#31325 implemented Update Sponsors page with "Digital Impact Alliance" entry pili bekeela

Please add "Digital Impact Alliance" to the sponsors list here ​

Logo should come from this page: ​ There's a logo on the bottom left of the page.

Link should point to

For the description, please use this text: The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) advances digital inclusion to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), so that all women, men and children can benefit from life-enhancing, mobile-based digital services. DIAL is supporting a project to complete a successful ESR transition for Tor Browser to we ensure stability, security, and usability of this core privacy technology on both desktop and mobile.

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