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#42 Fixed Overzealous clock skew checking keeps clients from working tor-bugs nickm

The check for time skew in connection_or.c which produces the log message: "Router '%s' (%s:%d) has a skewed clock..." seems to get called even when Tor is running as a client. This is not as intended; only servers should be forced to make sure their clocks are relatively correct.

Arma questions whether we should care about clock skew at all. The attacks that we're protecting against are server impersonation attacks where the attacker manage to compromise an older private key for a server, but not a newer one. This doesn't seem very realistic now, since compromising a server's private key will almost surely reveal its identity key; but a slightly cleverer key management system might in the future make this attack meaningfully difficult.

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#43 Fixed Worker threads die vigorously on win32. nickm

When people try to run a Tor server on windows, it seems that their CPU worker threads and DNS threads too die badly. Or maybe the tor_socketpair stuff isn't really working.


Dec 25 07:55:03.156 [warn] connection_dns_reached_eof(): Read eof. Worker died unexpectedly. Dec 25 07:55:03.156 [warn] connection_cpu_reached_eof(): Read eof. Worker died unexpectedly.


Also, these dead workers don't prevent Tor from reporting itself as working when the first circuit is built. That's probably bad.

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#44 Fixed resolve_my_address() failures can lead to crash. nickm

If resolve_my_address() fails at a HUP, then rather than continuing with the old address (desirable if the address hasn't changed) or exiting gracefully (maybe desirable if the address has changed), Tor simply crashes at places like

main.c: if (write_str_to_file(keydir, router_get_my_descriptor(), 0)) {

This should get fixed.

Reported by Ben L.

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