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#25865 implemented Security Slider USer Manual Page is out of date Jaruga tom

The screenshot shows Low, Medium, High - but the slider is now Safe, Safer, Safest.

#30558 fixed Namecoin support for onion sites in Tor Browser JeremyRand arthuredelstein

The problem Onion domains are generally almost impossible for humans to remember. Specifically, they are very long and consist of a series of random characters.

v2 domains look like this:

and v3 domains look like this:

So, while onion domains are secure and decentralized, they are not human-meaningful, and thus fail to satisfy all three desired properties described in Zooko's triangle.

Proposed solution Namecoin offers a solution for Zooko's triangle. Domains are registered in a decentralized manner, can be remembered by humans, and are secure. A Namecoin (.bit) domain looks like this:

The .bit domains can be pointed to a unique .onion domain. So the user needs only to enter http://federalistpapers.bit and they will be taken to the appropriate onion site (in this case, http://7fa6xlti5joarlmkuhjaifa47ukgcwz6tfndgax45ocyn4rixm632jid.onion)

The task consists of writing patches for Tor Browser that integrates a Namecoin lookup client, such that when a user enters a .bit domain name the browser is connected to the underlying .onion site. In the address bar, the entered address including a .bit domain will continue to be shown, and the .onion domain will be indicated on the circuit display.

Initially, the patches can be integrated into Tor Browser Nightly. If testing is successful, I hope it could progress to Tor Browser alpha and eventually stable.

Comparison to other approaches There are several promising approaches to allowing human-meaningful aliases to onion sites. However, they don't fully solve Zooko's triangle:

  • HTTPS Everywhere: Aliases are under central control by the addon maintainer.
  • Bookmarks/Petnames: Aliases are not global.
  • Alt-Svc/Onion-Location: Aliases require first connecting through a centralized ICANN domain.

I think Namecoin is especially promising because it can be globally registered and maintained securely by the onion site operator, without any centralized permission. Thus the properties of security and decentralization offered by .onion domains are shared by .bit domains.

There are some challenges:

  • Historically, Namecoin lookup has been slow and required cumbersome downloads. Jeremy has made major progress in reducing the footprint.
  • Registering a Namecoin domain requires downloading specialized software and is not anonymous without special precautions. Future work (out of scope here) could include building documentation and/or software tools to allow onion operators to easily and anonymously register a .bit domain and point it to a .onion domain.
#1922 implemented torrc.d-style configuration directories Jigsaw52 aa138346

torrc.d-style configuration directories

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