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#31362 wontfix please delete the branch 'orfox-stringsxml' tor-gitadm emmapeel

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i need to delete the translation.git branch orfox-stringsxml cause it is wrong, has the wrong .po files. i will recreate it then.

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#31361 implemented Remove Cobertura from our build process karsten karsten

We're having trouble with Cobertura, and we noticed that we're not really using it that much: One issue is an UnsupportedClassVersionError (#31233), another issue is a CI fail due to line coverage rate of 91.6% being below 92.0% on the CI host which doesn't show on my dev machine.

Without having hard evidence, I suspect that these issues are in one way or another related to Cobertura not being maintained anymore with its last release being from February 2015.

Let's remove Cobertura from our build process. We can later switch to using something else that GitLab can actually interpret the output of.

I didn't work on these changes yet, but I think this mainly requires changes to metrics-base and a subsequent update in all depending code bases. I'll work on this later today or tomorrow.

#31359 wontfix Split a control_event module out of control, and make it use control safe logging teor teor

Currently, control events can log messages through the standard logging module, which can send those logs as control events. This means that some configurations, future code, or errors might cause an infinite loop.

We should split off a control_event or control_log_event module, and make it use control safe logging. All it's dependencies should also use control safe or signal safe logging.

I think we need to make this change after catalyst's control refactor, to avoid merge conflicts.

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