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#13398 fixed at startup, browser gleans user FULL NAME (real name, given name) from O/S pospeselr zinc

(Reporting against Tor Browser 3.6.6, but this is a longstanding issue which affects all versions of the browser.)

At each startup, code within nsUserInfoWin.cpp (see also: nsUserInfoUnix.cpp, nsUserInfoOS2.cpp, scrapes user's FULL NAME (real name, given name) from the operating system and retains this in memory, stored to a constant, throughout the browser session.

Additionally, the browser scrapes user's windows login username (and windows domain) along with his/her email address (if present, filled in within user's windows user account details). These personal details are similarly stored by the browser throughout the life of each browsing session.

This privacy-infringing behavior is unconditional — no user_pref is available to prevent it. In researching "How dare they?!?" I gathered that this behavior exists because Firefox shares a codebase with Thunderbird, and back in the day someone thought it would be "kewl" for a Thunderbird user to find that the system magically knows his/her details when setting up a new TB account...

If challenged to prove/demonstrate where these details are ever "leaked" by the browser, I cannot. However, these personal details are accessible to any extension (or out-of-band Mozilla update) and therefore are subject to exfiltration.

#7082 duplicate akamaihd stream fails to load pde zima

The streaming video site has ceased to work properly together with HTTPS-Everywhere. The content is hosted at but won't load unless the rule Akamai is disabled. The developers at SVT have been notified as well.

HTTPS-Everywhere version: 3.0.0

#329 Duplicate do_main_loop() error, no buffer space available, TOR crash ziesjoem

Upon opening this page, Privoxy start generating this message in the log:

Sep 04 16:03:54 Privoxy(02716) Request: Sep 04 16:03:54 Privoxy(02820) Error: write to: failed: WSAECONNABORTED - Software caused connection abort.

This causes TOR to crash with the following error:

sep 04 15:57:36:750 [Error] do_main_loop(): libevent call with win32 failed: No buffer space available [WSAENOBUFS ] [10055]

Using Firefox, and the TOR-package "Tor" on Windows XP Pro with SP2 and all the latest patches installed. The error is repeatable all the time.

[Automatically added by flyspray2trac: Operating System: Windows 2k/XP]

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