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#1068 fixed Disable RSS Feeds downie

RSS lookups should probably be disabled during Tor use? Or at least an option to that effect.

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#1074 fixed Tor sends clock_skew status event warn too liberally AltF4 arma

In command.c, if netinfo tells us our clock is skewed, we log based on:

if (router_digest_is_trusted_dir(conn->identity_digest))

severity = LOG_WARN;


severity = LOG_INFO;

But then we complain to the controller regardless of whether it's an authority:


"CLOCK_SKEW SKEW=%ld SOURCE=OR:%s:%d", apparent_skew, conn->_base.address, conn->_base.port);

So the simple fix is for to only send the status event if severity == LOG_WARN.

Then Vidalia should workaround it by ignoring SOURCE=OR: clock skew events from Tor <= and

The broader challenge is that tor clients avoid going to the authorities, so if their clock is wrong, they'll never do more than log at log-level info, and all this status event work is for naught.

We should fix this in 0.2.2.x, either with a more aggressive proposal, or at least with a bit we remember that makes us connect to an authority (and thus get a trusted opinion on our time) if we keep getting skew problems from other relays.

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#1089 fixed proposal to change a the headers and a bit optimization stars


I think it will be a good idea to give my config for torbutton , like i have speak with Mike Perry a few ago, i told him my feedback about headers and a few infos send by torbutton, so i hope that's will help to improuve it :)

Well the first point are to add a new value in "about:config"( useful for firefox 3.5 while are not added )

This preference doesn't exist by default. You have to create a new value:

  • right click in your about:config
  • choose New-> Boolean
  • type network.dns.disablePrefetch , click Ok
  • choose true, click Ok
  • change the charset to : utf-8,*
  • change language to: en
  • change content types: */*
  • change cookie: add cs lite
  • change refer: add RefControl

for that need change:

intl.accept_languages string en intl.accept.charsets string *,utf-8 intl.charset-default string empty network.http.accept.default string */* network.dns.disablePrefetch bloéan true

edit refControl to send orgine of site visited ( that's a addon firefox )

cs Lite are a add-on mozilla too and secure, it's important to install it and set it to refuse all cookies basicly and only accept for session or totaly if trusted. the advantage are to never give traces when we browse the web long time.

With this configuration, that's will fix all problem about the actual headers and garenteed a maximum anonymity.

well about the tweak in tor wiki and firefox performance, i think can be added in torbutton in same time.

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