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#31353 fixed Jenkins failure on windows: Overflow in implicit constant conversion nickm nickm
08:59:20 ../tor/src/test/test_token_bucket.c: In function 'test_token_bucket_ctr_dec':
08:59:20 ../tor/src/test/test_token_bucket.c:96:3: error: overflow in implicit constant conversion [-Werror=overflow]

This appears to be new in 7cf9d54e6d7a08f169a27f7d76731e61ebe63fb0, which is not in anything before 0.4.2.

#31352 fixed Jenkins failure on windows: ENETUNREACH undeclared. nickm nickm

On I see:

08:59:23 ../tor/src/test/test_util.c:5402:39: error: 'ENETUNREACH' undeclared (first use in this function)

This appears to be new in c46e99c43c4ee03, which is not in anything before 0.4.2.

#31346 duplicate Tor Browser 8.5.4 gvfs-metadata recently-used.xbel tbb-team randosando

When you save a file using the Tor Browser, a folder is created;


This folder does not exist when first extracting the folder.

In this folder is the file;


and the folder; gvfs-metadata

The recently-used.xbel file has a list of all the files you downloaded. Clearing your downloads in the browser does not clear this file, nor does it clear when you close the tor browser.

The gvfs-metadata folder has two files, a binary and a log file; home home-abc12345.log

When deleting the tor browser folder, you will be unable to remove the folder because the two files within the gvfs-metadata folder are kept open by the gvfs-metadata process. The gvfs-metadata process needs to be killed before the gvfs-metadata folder and its contents can be removed.

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