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#107 Implemented Bandwidth reporting/bootstrapping qbarf

I've been running a Tor server (barf Linux) for 3 weeks with very little usage. My reported bandwidth in the directory is pretty low, even if I have good connectivity (100 K/s). I have at most 1 or 2 connect attempt at the server port (9001) per day. DirPort is set to 0, since I do not want to mirror the directory. Knowing that Tor client picks node that display sufficient bandwidth, it looks like the server need to be 'bootstrapped' initially by forcing some traffic through it, with another Tor client with a EntryNodes and StrictEntryNodes set. There are several servers in the directory with such low bandwidth.

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#109 Fixed assert_cpath_layer_ok(): Unexpected state 171 thomass

Mar 02 01:37:03.412 [err] assert_cpath_layer_ok(): Unexpected state 171 Mar 02 01:37:03.412 [err] circuitlist.c:426: assert_cpath_layer_ok: Assertion 0 failed; aborting. circuitlist.c:426 assert_cpath_layer_ok: Assertion 0 failed; aborting. Abort

We are using Tor version , compiled out of a source-tarball with no special compile-options

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#110 Implemented Suggest 'Date Last Edited' for Docs Dodger

If you have suggestions for improving this document, please post them on our bugtracker in the website category.

The following and other documents would benefit from a 'date last edited' timestamp so that one knows whether to re-read it or not when a new version of tor comes out.

Tor Mac OS X Install Instructions

I'm afraid I don't know how to do that myself.

thanks Dodger

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