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#44 Fixed resolve_my_address() failures can lead to crash. nickm

If resolve_my_address() fails at a HUP, then rather than continuing with the old address (desirable if the address hasn't changed) or exiting gracefully (maybe desirable if the address has changed), Tor simply crashes at places like

main.c: if (write_str_to_file(keydir, router_get_my_descriptor(), 0)) {

This should get fixed.

Reported by Ben L.

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#45 Fixed win32 torrc contains automake macros nickm arma

The entries in the torrc that ships with win32 still contain macros like @LOCALSTATEDIR@, which win32 users don't know what to do with. This makes it really hard for them to, e.g., configure logs. Can we convert them to a reasonable set of defaults on win32 before shipping?

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#46 Won't fix Wiki table of contents doesn't use our anchors arma

The FAQ wiki points to these big hash anchors rather than the Anchor? elements we added. Can we make it so it's more obvious that we have human-usable anchors in the page too?

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