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#34264 fixed Discussion on using a library for HTTP requests. HashikD

Since we are using POST request in long polling fashion to get the SDP offer from the broker and sending an answer. Since this is only a two-time use, do we need Retrofit library or if OkHttp is suffice. Retrofit uses OkHttp and it is a little bit bloated but feature-rich as compared to OkHttp.

#34263 fixed Library selection for using WebRTC for the project. HashikD

Selecting a good and resilient library with frequent updates is imperative, these are the libraries available:
Google's official library that we have to compile to use in our project:
Ant Server's library: - Here they used "Ant Media Server" as signaling server we can change that.

Ant Media Server uses WebRTC library on top of that they added their own functionality to make it work with Ant Media Server. Which is not very useful for our project.

#34261 fixed Remove pandas warning when using bullseye version of pandas karsten karsten

The following warning is shown when using OnionPerf's visualize mode with version 0.25.3 of pandas (contained in Debian bullseye). It is not shown when using buster's version of pandas. If there's an easy way to remove the warning when using either version, let's do it.

    /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/pandas/plotting/_matplotlib/ FutureWarning: Using an implicitly registered datetime converter for a matplotlib plotting method. The converter was registered by pandas on import. Future versions of pandas will require you to explicitly register matplotlib converters.

    To register the converters:
    	>>> from pandas.plotting import register_matplotlib_converters
    	>>> register_matplotlib_converters()
      warnings.warn(msg, FutureWarning)
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