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#47 Fixed Why does the win32 installer have a click-through license? nickm arma

Our license is permissive, that is, it only grants rights, it does not grant rights in exchange for giving up other rights. So why do we require users to acknowledge that they "agree" to it?

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#48 Fixed assertion failure: resolve->pending_connection nickm

Reported by Giorgos P.

Dec 31 07:50:01.038 [err] dns.c:399: dns_cancel_pending_resolve: Assertion resolve->pending_connections failed; aborting.

_probably_ unrelated to other warning:

Dec 30 15:46:29.338 [warn] connection_dns_reached_eof(): Read eof. Worker died unexpectedly.

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#49 Fixed AllowUnverifiedNodes string keeps growing Aphex

When saving the AllowUnverifiedNodes in response to a SAVECONF control message, the old values are written out as well.

"AllowUnverifiedNodes middle,rendezvous"


"AllowUnverifiedNodes middle,rendezvous,middle,rendezvous"

and so on...

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