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#28178 implemented Accept donations from privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies alison 893642535

As a privacy-focused project that, according to the donation privacy policy, "respects donor privacy" and "welcomes anonymous donations", it would be good if donations via privacy-oriented crypto-currencies would be allowed, instead of only Bitcoin. It is possible to anonymize Bitcoin, but other currencies provide alternative methods that are not possible without being integrated in the currency and are arguably better than anything possible with Bitcoin.

#20503 duplicate Tor circuit not showing if website doesn't load tbb-team 8a1c2fe9

Usually, you can click on the onion symbol to the left of the address bar in tor browser to see the used tor circuit. However, if the website doesn't load, the tor circuit isn't shown. This is especially unfortunate because when a website which should be available doesn't load, is probably when you want to know most where your traffic went out to the open internet.

#16655 not a bug How secure are these settings with TBB? tbb-team 900909090

Using an addon (assuming the addon is safe), I filter cache-control & pragma headers.

I also go to about:config and set the following

browser.cache.disk.enable = false browser.cache.memory.capacity = 150000

For me personally it is much better browsing experience. I would like to know how it is in terms of anonymity, security and privacy. Are there any possible exploits problems that arise of these settings?

P.S. cypherphunks acc not working, creating a new account causes recaptcha which needs javascript. please at least remove recaptcha and add another method or captcha.

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