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#34251 fixed Fix edge case handling in Rust protover is supported teor

Tor's Rust FFI for protocol_list_supports_protocol_or_later() returns true for the empty protocol list.

In C, the function returns false, but this behaviour is undocumented.

This bug doesn't affect protocol_list_supports_protocol() in Rust, because the Rust error checks are done in a different order.

I'll add a quick fix to #33222, but someone else will need to do the backport. We might want to do the Rust error checks in the same order, too.

#34250 fixed Fix torbutton noscript-control race condition acat acat

While debugging some testsuite tests, I saw some race condition with the noscript initialization which prevents some tests from running correctly.

We currently listen for both startup and pageshow events here, and in some tests, pageshow events are being received before startup, which results in the configuration message being lost and noscript being initialized with the default settings, blocking scripts.

This was originally introduced in #27427, which added checks for the event types precisely because of these issues. However, "pageshow" in specific situations also seems to trigger those.

In that ticket, "pageshow" was added for a slightly more graceful failure mode in case Torbutton somehow misses NoScript startup. However, I don't think that can really happen, and I suggest we just listen to startup.

#34248 fixed Declare HSIntro=5 in Tor's rust protover implementation teor

My protover tests for #33222 fail in Rust, because Tor's rust protover doesn't declare HSIntro=5.

I'll do a quick fix in #33222, but I want to leave the backport to David.

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