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#119 Not a bug test bug, sorry for the noise weasel

hey there

</pre> <a href="">test</a></p>

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#120 Implemented servers don't transform destroys to truncateds arma

In command_process_destroy_cell(), we are supposed to convert client-ward destroy cells into truncated cells, so the client can know at what hop in the path the circuit broke. But we don't actually do this currently, because the client behave was always to close the circuit, so we were wasting bandwidth with a two-round-trip circuit close.

If we're going to start trying to re-extend circuits, though, we need this functionality. Should we re-enable the ifdef 0'ed stuff (and remove the circuit_mark_for_close())?

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#121 Fixed if two unverified servers exist at the same address, we list both as running arma

router jet 9001 9050 9030 published 2005-04-05 20:16:10

router node01 9001 9050 9030 published 2005-04-05 13:55:51

Presumably node01 was published first, and then the operator changed the nickname to jet and left the same identity key in place. Now the dirservers list both as up. Maybe this will get fixed in 24 hours when node01's descriptor becomes obsolete. But this is a bad precedent. :)

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