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#1125 fixed (*chp)->next assertion fail? nickm arma

I found this on irc. So I have no idea if it's for real. The person indicated it was on

[Info] buf_shrink_freelists(): Cleaning freelist for 4096-byte chunks: keeping 9, dropping 1. [Error] Bug: buffers.c:269: buf_shrink_freelists: Assertion (*chp)->next fail

He also said "polipo still not starting with vidalai 2.5", so I'm thinking probably Windows.

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#1130 fixed fedora rpm: init.d/tor/restart on relay will kill the relay erinn arma

Install the fedora tor rpm. Make yourself a relay (i.e. uncomment ORPort in your /etc/tor/torrc). Then restart your Tor so your relay starts.

Then do an init.d/tor/restart. It will tell your Tor to start shutting down, and Tor will exit in 30 seconds (or whatever the ShutdownWaitLength config option is set to). But the restart thinks it's dead right then, and tries to start Tor, which fails.

End result: upgrade your Tor and your relay ends up not running.

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#1132 fixed fedora rpm fabricates its own geoip file? erinn arma

It looks like the fedora rpm has a script that the maintainer wrote to create a new geoip file at the time of building the rpm.

It should really get the geoip file out of src/config/geoip in the tarball.

If you make your own, then the user of that rpm could be making routing decisions differently than other users. That could have bad anonymity implications. Not a good plan.

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