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#32733 duplicate "Find" feature leaks information between Tor Browser and regular Firefox on macOS 10.15.1 tbb-team mSUIcXNPzcq3idq

On my Macbook Pro (running Catalina 10.15.1) I use Firefox (currently v70) as my regular browser, and Tor Browser 9.0.2.

If I use the "find" feature in Tor Browser (i.e. Cmd-F) and look for some text in a page I am browsing privately via Tor, then using the same feature in normal Firefox is prefilled with the text I just searched for - this seems like a potential leak of private (meta-?)data

Steps to reproduce:

  • Install Firefox on a macOS 10.15.1 system
  • Install Tor Browser Bundle 9.0.2
  • Open Firefox and load ""
  • Open Tor Browser and load ""
  • In Tor Browser, press Cmd-F and search for "private text"
  • Change application to Firefox and press Cmd-F
    • You will see that the "search text" field has been filled in with the text you just searched for in Tor Browser during an "anonymous" browsing session
#17786 fixed "France, Metropolitan" is unused? karsten arma

In the "direct user stats" graph, in the pull-down menu for countries, one of thes options is "France, Metropolitan". I don't know what that is, but I think Tor doesn't either, since metrics can't graph it.

(Are there any other entries in that list that don't correspond to cctlds?)

#160 Works for me "GETINFO network-status" seems to fail rm

When I send a GETINFO control message with the parameter "network-status", the server seems to close the control connection. The timing appears to be inconsistent, sometimes the reply message can be read fully, after which the socket is closed, sometimes only 8636 bytes can be read. (The number may be coincidental, but was constant in my tests.) Found in on win32.

agl ran the demo python script on and received the following output:

... [12:41] <agl> {'version': ''} [12:41] <agl> Traceback (most recent call last): [12:41] <agl> File "", line 457, in ? [12:41] <agl> do_main_loop(sh,sp) [12:41] <agl> File "", line 425, in do_main_loop [12:41] <agl> print get_info(s,"network-status") [12:41] <agl> File "", line 305, in get_info [12:41] <agl> tp,body = receive_reply(s,[MSG_TYPE.INFOVALUE]) [12:41] <agl> File "", line 247, in receive_reply [12:41] <agl> raise ErrorReply((errCode, [12:41] <agl> main.ErrorReply: (1, 'Internal error', 'network-status')

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