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#523 fixed New Identity Button mikeperry mikeperry

One of these days it might be nice to add a "New Identity" button to Torbutton to instruct vidalia or the control port itself to choose a new path, in addition to clearing Tor cache+cookies. This may or may not depend on a "Tor Status" check to verify that the tor process is in fact running. Unfortunately, there are lots of usability issues with control port auth, multiple confusing controls and statues, exactly which cookies get cleared, etc that need to be considered.

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#535 fixed servers should support hearing "not new descriptor" arma

Directory authorities, when they get a descriptor that isn't new enough (more than cosmetically different) right now send back a 200 response code.

We should send some different code, so servers have a chance of knowing whether their uploaded descriptor actually "took" or was silently discarded.

So, changes as I understand them: A) Tor servers should accept 200-299 as successes, not just 200.

B) What success code, within the range 201-299, most closely resembles "I accepted it but it wasn't new enough so I didn't use it"? Is there any precedent to follow here?

C) Once step A is done, authorities can start sending back other codes.

D) Is there any way to speed up reaching step C?

E) Should we also change 400 to a range 400-499?

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#567 fixed Firefox noun

When I use Firefox browser with Torbuton, I am offen lost my connection, sometime for few minutes sometimes for longer time. I get " connection refused, Firefox is configured to be used with proxy but this one do not accepte connection....." But when I have this problem I switch to Opera browser and I dont have any problem.

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